Saturday, 30 July 2011

Out and About

Last Sunday my mate Ronnie and myself headed off for a run on the bikes in the general direction of Glendevon, just south of the famous Gleneagles golf course. I say general direction because we picked as many of the wee back roads to travel there as possible, life in the slow lane and no other traffic dictating the pace!
Half way up the Glen there is a turning for the Frandy Fishery, an upland reservoir about 3mls from the main road. It just so happens there's a fishing hut there where you can usually get a warm cuppa during the season.
So after a not so quick cuppa and a blether we headed of in the direction of Stirling, travelling along the Hillfoots. so called because it follows the base of the Ochil Hills, strangely enough. All went well till about 7 miles from home, then the wee MZ cut out.... yes they do run better with fuel in them and better not to run with the fuel tap in the reserve position.... other than that it was a good wee run.


  1. Hiilfoots, I like that.Sounds like a fun ride, on the roads less traveled. The new bike looks sharp.Some nice looking country side there as well.

  2. Cheers Larry, the wee bikes going well, and goes at the right pace for the back roads. Got to say when the Suns out theres nothing to beat Scotland, then again when its raining......

    Hope you enjoy the racing, watching it via Facebook on Flat Track Live :-)

    still cant post on a few of the blogs, including yours Larry..... but enjoying your posts


  3. There must be a wire loose in that trans-Atlantic cable again, oh wait a minute, you say the technologies been improved lately? GBC can't leave a comment at my bloggy either. The UK connection seems to be askew on the treadle...Texas is getting through. Cool, so you'll be watching the race.

  4. Not as live as I'd like, more live reports with the odd photo..... whats this world famous Twister Dog I hear them talking about?? some sort of Hot Dog on a stick?? need pics of one from the track Larry...


  5. Loved the run through Scotland on my visit to Edinburgh....up the A72 I thinhk it were from Carlisle through Hawick and others to Edinburgh.

    Coming back was from Edinburgh down to the Drill Hall in Peebles for the show/jumble in October, then through Biggar where I must've missed a turning and ended up along some road that ran parallel to the one I was 'posed to be on. An old boy on a road crew told me ta go back to the bridge, turn right and right again and I was on my way.

    Along to the A6(M) and back down South to the Midlands.

    The ride each way was better due to being on back roads and grand scenery....nothing better than that and a bike.

    Having no probs posting on any of y'alls blogs...

  6. Well, dunno wot a twister-doggie is. I'll have to find out. I did consume a regular dog and a coke, at 4 bucks each. Do have a pic of a Dog-stand at the fair
    Just tellin' Bodger about a link I saw at "Church of Choppers" about a Hogslayer documentary. Said, get more info at Looked pretty interesting.