Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Bike

These two Vincent engined bikes, Nero and Super Nero, are now in the National Motorcycle Museum. They were used by George Brown to break many speed records over the years, in two and three wheelers classes. Click title for more info.


  1. Impressive bikes, rider and records. Also like the twin engined Norton sprint/dragster, "Hogslayer"

  2. I was always impressed by those machines, and hope to see them someday.

  3. Larry, you should visit the place at least'll be glad you did.

    There's also another drag/sprint or whatever bike there that is powered by thrust, like a jet I'm guessing.

    I've got a pic I'll post it up in a bit...along with the Texas Ceegar, the Johnny Allen Streamilner, I knoow you'll like that 'un.

  4. Larry as Bodger says its a place you've got to visit at sometime, looking at pics of the bikes is good, but being there next to them is fantastic, so much history in one place!