Friday, 18 January 2013

Where the road started (legally) for me

My AP50, looking a wee bit rough after running through a Winter. December 1978 was when I legally hit the road, there might have been a few earlier excursions, on my 1977 Suzuki AP50 in blue. I was up at 6 am and headed out for a very cold ride round the town for about an hour before having to get ready to walk to school, they (school) wouldn't allow me to ride it there! At the time I thought it was a rocket, well for a few months anyway. It soon got to the stage of being ridden flat out every where, and surprisingly stood up to this treatment. I used it for 18 months, mainly due to the low wages I was getting as an apprentice mechanic I couldn't afford to put my Honda CB200 on the road (a bike my Dad gave me when I was 14). After passing my bike test not long after my 17th birthday I used to take Jacquie (then g/friend now wife)out on the back of it. I think just about every time we we're out the Police used to stop us, or so it seemed. It was a good wee bike and one of the few that I didn't keep, but I don't feel the need to go out and by another as some people seem to do with their first bike. Jacquie also had a red one at the same time, which was faster!!!
Jac on her red AP50