Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vintage Flat Track Races

Vintage Flat Track Races, swap meet, and vintage bike show at the Wilson County Fair Grounds in Middle Tennessee

This event was put on by a local promoter and is the first short track race he has done. It was $15 to get in as a spectator and while I would have been happier at $10 it was ok. There was a decent crowd gathered in the stands but not that many booths in the swap meet and not all that many bikes in the bike show either. There were a couple really nice bikes present though. The track seemed short, really short. I talked with a couple of the racers who said they just had far to much motor for the track. When the bike was not bucking up on them it was spinning the tire down the straights. It was dusty and dry as well. They had to spray things down a couple times.
Thanks to Jason F for the words and pics from

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday Bike

Yes I know its Saturday, but the Internet was down last night

This is a 1973 Yamaha RD350. It has Motocarrera pipes, Webco Heads, Benelli Gas Tank, Custom Seat and Front Fender


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Texas Mile

Never heard of it till a few months ago when talking to Joe, he lives a mile or so from me but is working out in Texas. So last weekend he had a go at the Texas Mile, clocking 181.5mph on his track bike Yamaha R1, not bad and hes even got the Tee shirt

Link to the Texas Mile site

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

CMM Stafford Show 2010

The Stafford Show in October is the one you've got to visit if you're into bikes from the 60s to the 80s. Although there is a large percentage of Japanese bikes, there is usually a good mix of Italian, British and "other" Continental bikes.

This visit was a bit lazy as all I do was drive down in the tin box, as my bike was taken down by my mate Fer in his van. In past years its been finish work empty van, load up with bikes and club stuff, then head down the road.

The main attraction for us Kawasaki nuts this year was the guest of honour Eddie Lawson, AMA Super bike champion 81 82 on the big green Kawas, he did race other makes after that, but we'll stick with the Kawa history.

Most of Saturday was spent on or around the Z1oc stand, catching up with people, answering questions, selling some club merchandise and just enjoying myself... even met Eddie when he came over to sign the tank on Fers Lawson (real) rep

Sunday was more of a day spent looking at interesting bikes (race bikes and flattrackers )and taking loads of pics. Non Kawa bike I liked most was the HD XR 750 belonging to Steve from Red Max Speed shop

And by no means last, the best part of the shop was winning the best bike on the Z1oc stand as voted by the members

this should be a link (copy and paste) to a slide show of the weekend

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Was hoping to get this blog going a few months ago, but as you know theres always something pops up to take your time. In this case it was one of my bikes that I had to have ready for the Classic Mechanics show at Stafford, it was booked on the Z1oc stand. Am glad to say that after all the hard work it was finished on time and was looking great. The bike is based on an AMA Superbike from the late 70s, its a Kawasaki Z1000A1 and was sponsored by a company call Racecrafters. There were a couple of bikes raced under their banner, this is a copy of No 31 as raced by Harry Klinzmann. There is a whole story to how I came about doing this bike which I'll post at another time.

Pic of the real bike

and my replica (thanks for the pic Vic)