Saturday, 2 July 2011

MZ pt5

TS with the wall in the back ground, although not the "wall", it was part of the T in the park security fencing for next weekends music festival.

A week ago I took the MZ for its MOT, and being busy the last week I just got round to Taxing it today. So in the afrenoon I headed off on what was the bikes shake down run, just over a 100 mls and no problems. Its been a while since I had a ride out on an older two stroke, but I really enjoyed it, it was far smoother than I remember them being. So for the next few weeks the TS will be my run around till I get the GPZ1100 on the road


  1. Excellent news....if only ALL jobs were that easy.

  2. Looks very nice Kawa. 100 miles already, sounds like a keeper.