Saturday, 7 April 2012

Honda CB400/4

This is the latest project that my mate James has bought ( the owner of the BMW R75/6 from a few months back, an update of that later), a 1976 Honda CB400/4. Bought on ebay from DK Motorcycles a few weeks back. A bit rough round the edges, but surprisingly totally rust free (California import). A few things are on the way for it and paint work is off to the painter. This should be a fairly easy tidy up with the plan to have it registered and on the road by the end of the month.......


  1. A California import I guess would explain the seat.

    The 400/4 and it's smaller bother the 350/4 I've always liked the looks of.....seems Honda got those right while the 400 Dream (I think, it was a twin anyways), who knows what Honda was thinking then???

    I wouldn't mind having either the 400/4 or 350/4 though parts may be a problem for some items.

  2. Honda 400 Dream/ Super Dream, the less said about them the better! Although I did sit my bike test on a 250 version, only bike I could get a lone of on the day that was totally legal, lol. I liked the wee 400/4, but at the time the CB550F caught my eye, still have it in project forum.

  3. Yeah, somewhere a Goldwing is missing it's seat, and a Sportster it's 'turn-out' muffler? Though that seat would probably be easy on the rear for a long distance tour...
    The bike seems to be in great shape otherwise.The header pipe looks perfect,and a stock muffler should be available as a repro I believe. The 400/4's are quite impressive and fun to ride, my problem is that I'm too big for them. Having said that, I have a 350/4 waiting in the 'to be restored someday' line-up. I still ride a 550/4 that is somewhat Cafe'd...or heading in that direction. Looks like a fun project for your mate.

  4. Aye Laddie I've had about three of them in my day, the last one I sold to Dr. Finlay and it's still sitting in his garage up against the wall! I bought it off a farmer doon the West Coast, came complete with Universal Trials Tyres as he used it on his farm! I bought it for NZ$400 (200 pounds) and stuck some road tyes on it and sold it for an undisclosed sum..
    A good wee bike and sound quite nice when you screw the ring outa them ;-) but are a bit slower than they sound, have fun with the project and get rid oh that seat will U?........

  5. Seem to have missed your comment Uncle J, to be honest I haven't been on here for quite a while for one reason or another. The wee Honda is nearly finished, so I'll get on to an up date as soon as my home computer is fixed, using an iPad for browsing